TNT Winter Spin Training Program - Build a Better Rider

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Greenstreet Cycles is excited to introduce the TNT Winter Spin Training Program Build a Better Rider. This program is appropriate for everyone from the beginner who wants to tackle their first triathlon to the advanced triathlete who wants to jumpstart their triathlon season training.

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2017 Masi: Updates that matter, constants that count

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The 2017 lineup of Masi's beautiful, heritage bikes has arrived. We are nothing short of amazed by the new changes made to the Giramondo and the Randonneur--not to mention the eye candy of the new colors for the CX and CX Comp. We have a brand new Speciale Strada to get excited about, and the Otto remains unchanged, which is OK, because it's awesome. 

Giramondo 27.5

Now featuring WTB mountain dirt-drop handlebars, a riser stem, and the superior grip of Kenda's Slant Six mountain bike tires--this laid back but highly versatile off-roader takes the challenges and diversity of the trail in its stride. When it's time to head into unknown territory the Giramondo bites, carving effortlessly through flowing single track down fast descents and up technical climbs. An off road bike with many unique attributes - style, guile and a personality to match.

Speciale Randonneur

Changes to the Randonneur include larger tire clearance and an all new tea-green color scheme. The new Randonneur is also spec'd with a 650B wheelset and 47c--a nice reminder that this bike is ready to get down and dirty when you are. The fully double butted chromoly frame and fork is both lightweight and strong. Front and rear fenders fitted as standard, and numerous additional low-rider rack and bottle mounts combine to deliver a formidable package for the adventure rider.


CX Comp

The 2017 CX Comp is the gateway bike to the performance all-road series. The CX Comp is perfectly suited to getting down and dirty on the cross course, or set it up for a little light touring. But don't be mistaken the CX Comp is versatile, agile and highly capable. Complete with rack and fender mounts, the addition of a sealed bearing FSA Omega crankset, and 3D forged Brev.M cockpit you won't find a better looking bike at a better price point. And you won't be disappointed.



Masi's entry level CX/All Road bike offers a wide range of benefits to deliver a unique riding experience. Featuring 21mm wide internal Brev. M disc specific wheels, rack and fender mounts and a new Masi uni – crown full chromoly fork, the CX transitions easily from a dependable off pave' companion into a versatile and daily commuter. The new Brev. M 3D forged stem and seat post along with a fully redesigned lighter handlebar provide confident control and a significant weight saving to make the CX highly capable, affordable, and dependable.


Speciale Strada

On the undercard of our vintage steel range is the brand new Masi Speciale Strada. This double butted full chromoly roadster, presented in striking Molteni orange combines classic 70's styling with the smooth and reliable shift of Campy's 10 speed Veloce transmission. You don't have to break the bank to ride like your heroes.


Speciale Otto 

The Otto remains largely unchanged and still jet black. A fantastic, street smashing commuter, this bike doesn't need any changes anyway. The Speciale Otto finds the ultimate sweet spot between style and functionality. The versatile, light and responsive chromoly frame and fork rolls out on new Brev.M 28mm deep race rims and 27c Kendal tires to offer superior grip and precision handling. Equipped with a simple Shimano 8 speed drivetrain and Brev.M contact points, the Speciale Otto is a stylish street shredder that can also go the distance.







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NEW 2017 Ruby and Roubaix are HERE

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2017 ALL-NEW Ruby & Roubaix

To some, smoothness is merely concept. But for the all-new Ruby and Roubaix, it was clearly the driving design concept on the whole project, and the result is a pair of bikes like no others before them.

From the outset of development, Specialized partnered with McLaren Applied Technologies to create the smoothest performance bicycles on the planet. Specialized shattered the mold, but really, the work is so revolutionary that it's fair to say there's been no mold to break.

Every crack, every pothole, every rough patch and bit of chip seal—the off-limits boneshakers to the smoothest homestretches—it isn’t resigned to just a single day in France, it’s made for here, there, and everywhere.

Who said that performance and comfort don't mix? It sure wasn't Specialized, because the all-new Ruby Elite combines the two in one seamless, unprecedented package. The frame is among the lightest that they've ever made, and it's been constructed from the superlative FACT 10r carbon fiber. 

Its stiffness levels are also off the charts, and compared to the SL4 iteration you'll experience a faster, and more efficient geometry. Through some engineering sorcery Specialized has managed to keep the same fit, feel, and position that we've all come to love from the SL4 iteration. Of course, you're probably thinking, "get on to the suspension thing up front." Specialized calls it Future Shock, and essentially, it's a piston in the head tube with 20mm of travel.

According to Specialized, this technology was developed in partnership with McLaren Applied Technologies, and the result of this are a host of drastic performance improvements, namely in the vertical compliance department. Specialized found that focusing on vertical compliance, instead of fork splay, meant improving smoothness, speed, and comfort in one fell swoop.

Of all the bikes tested with the Specialized Rolling Efficiency Model, the new Ruby outperforms anything on the market.


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The hype is real!

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I'll admit, I've found myself a bit skeptical of all the fuss the "adventure cycling" movement has been generating in recent years.  I mean, what's the big deal?  Wider tires just slow you down and disc brakes are heavy and complicated, right?  And even if you're into that sort of thing, I've already got a mountain bike so quit trying to force feed me something I don't need!  

Well, hang on a second Captain Curmudgeon.  Maybe I should actually try one of these wacky contraptions.  If nothing else it'll allow me to dismiss the trend with even more authority!  Yeah, go ahead and file that under "massively backfired plan."  Actually it's awesome.  Unlike my road bike I can now dart off into gravel, grass, and mud like a crazed 10-year-old.  Minor off-roading on the road bike is an unpleasant, white-knuckled affair, but on this thing I found myself seeking out the non-paved routes on purpose.  And unlike my mountain bike I can zip down paved streets and climb hills in a nearly indiscernible manner to my road bike.  At this point the only downside I can see is this type of bike makes it much harder to justify owning lots of other bikes :)

Huge thanks to the Greenstreet crew for hooking us up with the awesome Specialized Sequoia Elite and Dolce Comp Evo, a seemingly unstoppable pair!

--Satisfied Customer, Jeff Bromberger 

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USA Gran Criterium Custom Build #2

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Of the 100 handbuilt USA Gran Criterium frames in existence, Greenstreet has built two of them--and we are about to build a third. Here is build number two. Randy is a long time customer and a guy who is not afraid to get aggressive and go fast. The Masi USA Gran Criterium with SRAM Force is the perfect fit for him. 

Zipp Contour Handlebar 

SRAM Force Crankset and front derailleur 

SRAM Force rear derailleur 

S-Works Power saddle

HED Ardennes wheels with S-Works Turbo Cotton tires

Thanks Randy! Enjoy the ride!

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Fall 2016 hours of operation

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We will now be closed Wednesdays for cyclo-cross season. Come visit us any time between:

11AM-8PM Monday-Tuesday

11AM-8PM Thursday-Friday

9AM-8PM Saturday

10AM-6PM Sunday

Thanks! Get out there and ride! 

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USA Gran Criterium Custom Build #1

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Masi is a heritage brand focused on producing bikes with character and a certain element of timeless elegance. The handmade USA Gran Criterium frame set is no exception. When Bob came to us looking to build a bike from the ground up using this frame, we knew the result would be one of the most beautiful, enthralling bikes built to date at our shop. 

Bob did this build right.  Using only the best parts and accessories available to accompany this number 28 out of 100 frame. 

Campagnolo Record group set.

S-Works carbon handlebar

Specialized Pro Phenom saddle.

Chris King headset with carbon fork from ENVE composites.

Campagnolo Eurus wheelset wrapped with S-Works Turbo Cotton tires--the fastest tire in the world.


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