Rest and recovery

Posted on March 20, 2019 by Camila Rutford | 0 comments

How are we already down to the final two weeks in March?!

These KICKR Studio classes at Greenstreet Cycles have been flying by, and it's been so fun to get to know everybody and see people improving in both their FTP numbers and form!

But, rest and recovery days are just as important as giving your hard days everything you've got. (Like these classes- they're designed to be hard.) Our KICKR Studio regulars know I will frequently ask, "you guys are also riding easy throughout the week, right?"

It took a very physically and emotionally demanding week at work for me to fully appreciate how crucial REST is to the body and mind. It is even more important if you are working through a demanding training cycle to accomplish some goals.

Everybody approaches rest days differently. Some high-performing athletes will rarely take a full rest day- they may only take one every few weeks. Some people prefer doing a very light, easy workout as a rest day instead. There's no right or wrong way to do it, as long as it's working for you.

I personally try to incorporate one full, feet-up rest day per week. It's my reset button, and is exactly what I need to get remotivated and reenergized for the rest of my workouts that week. I've been trying to be more deliberate about these days- going to my ART specialist to work out sore muscles, rolling and stretching out, etc. It's not just about getting in a few extra Netflix episodes. =)

^^ Nobody does rest days like Oso does. ^^

Whatever you're doing to recover you will take with you to your next few workouts. So if you're not allowing your body to repair muscles and stave off fatigue, you can't expect it to hit tough intervals or feel 100 percent on those longer training days.

Same idea goes for "easy" training days. Before I really dove into triathlon training and read up on many different training philosophies, I didn't really have an "easy" day- especially running. My easy running pace, I'd later find out, was not "easy" at all, but actually more in my "moderate" range. That meant my legs were never really getting a break, which meant I wasn't extracting all of the benefits from my "hard" days, because I was just barely executing those. 

Here's a great article from Triathlete magazine that explains more (and gets pretty scientific) on WHY you'll experience more significant training benefits by going REALLY easy on your easy days, and hard on your hard days:

Nutrition also plays a BIG role in this, particularly what you're eating and drinking within 30 minutes of your workout.

So while I do hope you'll come spin with us (Mon/Thurs 6 p.m., Weds 7 p.m., Sat 8 & 10 a.m.), don't forget about your recovery!

See you in class!


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