Bianchi Eros - Desire & Attraction - Made In Italy

Posted on March 18, 2016 by Bentley Swan | 1 comment

First off, we're not a Bianchi dealer. That said, we love beautiful bikes with a great heritage and Bianchi fits that bill. Add in a little Campagnolo and you've got a classic cycling love affair. So, when a customer came in with an old love, looking to rekindle the flame, we jumped at the opportunity.

This bike came equipped with 9speed Campagnolo Mirage with Veloce brakes - a 15 year old groupset no longer made that, according to one of our mechanics, feels as good as new Tiagra 4700. But you can shift up three on the rear or down EIGHT gears in one dump of the lever. Micro adjust the front der or drop from big to small in one shift. Smoothly. Campy. Even their entry level gruppos can start a fire. Reynolds 525 steel, made in Italy, as the hipsters say, is very real.

The frame and drivetrain got degreased, de-gunked, and deep cleaned. The bike shines like new. Shifting and braking, headset and bottom bracket all fastened to spec and performing like the sun is shining on the 90's.

The wheels that came with the bike had seen better days so we decided take them into the 21st century and shave a pound off the bike weight in the process. The wheels we chose were Fulcrum Racing - manufactured by Campagnolo - to stay consistently Italian. We converted the free hub body to a 9/10/11sp Campy, cleaned and re-used the existing cassette.

This bike was a bit large for it's owner and we suspect the bars and stem were not original. On top of that, they were long reach and deep drop. So - we accommodated the rider and shortened the stem to 80mm and put on a super 70mm short reach shallow drop bar which will allow easy access to the hoods, drops and bar-tops.

We're hoping the owner is stoked. We are. All the work, including wheels, Campy Free hub body, new Record chain, premium bar tape, slicks and tubes came in under the $1k mark. That's a great value for this bike, even to someone who's not in love. You'll see brands today asking double for comparable new bikes so we're pretty proud of the value we delivered.

If you like what you see and you've got a bike you love that needs a refresh, give us a call. We can update, customize, adjust or personalize your ride to help you re-kindle the flame.

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