The hype is real!

Posted on October 09, 2016 by Jeff Bromberger | 0 comments

I'll admit, I've found myself a bit skeptical of all the fuss the "adventure cycling" movement has been generating in recent years.  I mean, what's the big deal?  Wider tires just slow you down and disc brakes are heavy and complicated, right?  And even if you're into that sort of thing, I've already got a mountain bike so quit trying to force feed me something I don't need!  

Well, hang on a second Captain Curmudgeon.  Maybe I should actually try one of these wacky contraptions.  If nothing else it'll allow me to dismiss the trend with even more authority!  Yeah, go ahead and file that under "massively backfired plan."  Actually it's awesome.  Unlike my road bike I can now dart off into gravel, grass, and mud like a crazed 10-year-old.  Minor off-roading on the road bike is an unpleasant, white-knuckled affair, but on this thing I found myself seeking out the non-paved routes on purpose.  And unlike my mountain bike I can zip down paved streets and climb hills in a nearly indiscernible manner to my road bike.  At this point the only downside I can see is this type of bike makes it much harder to justify owning lots of other bikes :)

Huge thanks to the Greenstreet crew for hooking us up with the awesome Specialized Sequoia Elite and Dolce Comp Evo, a seemingly unstoppable pair!

--Satisfied Customer, Jeff Bromberger 

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