Masi Legacy Showroom

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Greenstreet Cycles is proud to introduce the Masi Legacy Showroom. With more than 90 years of heritage on display, the Masi Legacy gallery displays Masi’s dedication to presenting the contemporary steel frame bicycles that push the limit while staying true to the roots of what makes the brand special.

The Legacy Showroom features four main categories of Masi bikes—including:

  • The classic road series which includes the Gran Criterium and our one-of-a-kind handmade Masi Legacy Gran Criterium.

  • Single speed and fixed gear bikes including the Fixed Uno Riser, Fixed Riser and Speciale Sprint.

  • Commuter series models including the Strada Vita Uno, Strada Vita Uno Bellisima, Stada Vita Due and Strada Vita Tre.

  • Adventure models including cross, gravel, touring and audax including the CX, CX Comp, CXGR, CXGR Supremo, Giramondo and Randonneur.

          Our passion for the brand is matched only by the Masi dedication to excellence in build quality, rider experience and striking aesthetic. Come on in. Check out the perfect union of elegance, character, and versatility showcased in our Masi Legacy Gallery through June 10.

          Don't forget, our Masi Legacy Showroom will culminate in Omaha's first ever Caffeine Cat, June 10th at 6:00p.m. Register today or get left behind.

          Photos courtesy of Jared Kennedy. Original artwork courtesy of Masi Bikes & Christopher Dorwart.

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