Greenstreet Adventure Ride - Bellevue Edition

Posted on March 04, 2016 by Thad Immink | 0 comments

We are kicking off our first Greenstreet Adventure Ride at 10a.m. on Sunday. For our first ride, we will be cruising down the Bellevue bricks to Bellevue Coffee Shop to eat breakfast. None of us at the shop have ate there before, but people on Yelp love it, so it must be good. We are always down for new experiences!

It's going to be 21 mile ride with 1300 ft of elevation. No drop. 

Here is the route we have planned out:

For those who didn't know, we also have rewards for the rides that you complete since we will be doing these every Sunday:

5-10 rides - Custom water bottle

15 rides - T-Shirt (Sam will Design)

25 rides - Jersey (Sam will Design)

33 rides - Belt Buckle (three must be centuries)

Look forward to seeing you there!

- Thaddaeus


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