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Posted on January 08, 2019 by Camila Rutford | 0 comments

Week one is in the books! POW!

We had a stellar turnout for our inaugural Greenstreet KICKR spin class (FULL room!) and another great group on Saturday. THANK YOU to everyone who came to check it out!

Look at those smiles!!

We will continue to have spin classes on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. and Saturdays at 8 a.m. at the Greenstreet Cycles studio, 2450 Harney Street. Please arrive at least 20 minutes early so we can set up your KICKR station, and call in advance to use a shop demo bike!

Don't forget to reserve your spot here:

This link is also posted at the bottom of Greenstreet Cycle's website.

Cost is $15 for a KICKR spot, with a $5 discount for TNT members. EVERY CENT goes towards Greenstreet shop credit so you can stock up on your favorite cycling equipment and apparel! So it's basically like you're not paying at all!

Special shoutout to Matt and all the Greenstreet Cycles techs for their help setting up stations. I promise we are working hard to streamline the process, so thanks for everyone's patience!

A few folks had questions about the KICKRs and how they work, so let's talk about it! The Wahoo KICKR Core trainers are why these classes are different than the ones offered at your gym. These smart trainers take indoor riding to the next level. Each class has a preloaded workout ready to go, and each KICKR trainer, which is connected to your bike, syncs up with the studio system so that every person is doing the same workout at the same time. The trainers not only change the resistance for you, they are programmed to each cyclists' level of fitness based on FTP.

Camila, what in the heck is FTP? FTP, or functional threshold power, is a measure of the max power you can sustain cycling for an hour. This number is displayed in watts. It's a key figure for serious cyclists, but also important for us in these KICKR classes so that you are getting the most benefit from the workout! If your FTP is set too high.. you'll struggle to complete the workout. If it's too low, it'll feel like an easy cruise. And we're here to SWEAT.

The good news is Wahoo spits out a guess at your FTP based on your height and weight in the profile you create to sign up for classes. We can continue to tweak this number during class.

Even better: sign up for our FTP testing sessions on the first Thursdays of every month between now and March! The workout (approx 50 mins total) will run you through a 20-minute test that will determine your FTP.

Another plus to riding on a KICKR trainer- it more accurately depicts how it feels to ride outside. You're on your own bike, feeling the resistance change as you pedal, just like you would on the road. You know what they say... train how you race!

See you in class!


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