First Gravel Goons Ride

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Our first Gravel Goons ride is at 10:30 on Saturday. Hosted by Thaddaeus (myself)

Attached is the route to our first Gravel Goons ride. Even though 40 miles may seem like a long ride, these route is pretty tame. Only 1400 ft of elevation gain. No drop ride so feel free to tag along without feeling self-conscience that you are dragging anyone down. We will have more challenging rides in the future, but for our first ride, we want to create a fun atmosphere instead of an aggressive one.

P.S. Mug Life was kind enough to let riders have get half price drinks after our rides. (Get the aquafresca. It's the perfect post ride drink.)

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Impromptu Gravel Ride

Posted on February 26, 2016 by Bentley Swan | 0 comments

Tomorrow will lead us unto the realm of better weather, and I'm going to holding a impromptu gravel ride of 42 miles with 1800 ft of elevation gain. Expect 60% gravel. We will be shooting off from the shop at 8:30. It will be a no drop ride and a casual roller. We are planning on being back at the shop by 12:00, which will give you ample time to rest before the birthday party that night. 

Route posted here:

Also, if you haven't heard yet, next week I will also be starting my gravel ride on select Saturdays (most commonly going to be twice a week) in order to train for races like Dirty Kanza, Gravel Worlds, Odin's Revenge, etc. We will be exploring some of the most rural areas of Iowa and Nebraska in order to find some of the most thrilling hills and backroads. I highly encourage anyone to participate who is interested in an adventure and an escape from city life.

Your friendly Greenstreet employee, 



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