Join our Greenstreet Cycles Strava Club!

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Want to receive all the announcement for our weekly rides including: routes, times and future events? Join our Strava Riding Club!

What is Strava?

Starva is a mobile app available on iTunes and Google Play Store and a website that enables you to create and track cycling and running routes using the already built in GPS on your phone.

Does Strava cost anything?

Strava is free to use! Record your runs and rides, track your progress and join Challenges at no cost. Upgrade to Strava Premium membership and find even more motivational features like goal setting, filtered leaderboards, heat maps and more.

How do I join the Greenstreet Cycles Riding Club?

Simply click and press Join Club! You will instantly added into the Leader Boards from Miles, Time and Altitude Climbed.


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Sunday Brunch Adventure Ride - 3/20/16 - Glenwood, IA

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Sunday we are on yet another one of our notoriously fun adventure rides. This week we will be going at a longer ride of 50 miles to Glenwood IA. There will be 2000 ft of elevation gain. Once we arrive in Glenwood, we will eat at Tom and Tiff's for breakfast. 

Just like last week, we will be starting the ride at 10 A.M. Route below.

"Great" pic from last week's ride, sorry if you're one of the riders cropped out due to the friendly local "photographer"...

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Sunday Brunch Adventure Ride - Fort Calhoun

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Sunday marks our second adventure ride and this time we are venturing up into Fort Calhoun which will be lead by Ben. We will be eating our brunch at the Rustic Inn. Total milage will be 34 miles with 1500 ft of elevation gain. Route in link below.

For those who didn't participate in the ride last week, this adventure ride will be a no drop ride at a casual speed.

We will be leaving the shop at 10 A.M. be a little early to make sure you don't miss the train. We are expected to be back by 1 P.M. with 2 P.M. being the absolute latest. 

Here's a shot of the crew from last week's brunch adventure.


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Greenstreet Group Rides Are Coming!

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This year is going to be filled with fun and exciting group ride action. Beginning in March, we will be leading out several group rides. These rides will be starting in March. Additional rides are in the works as well, so check in periodically and our Group Rides blog will keep you up to speed.

WAM! - Wednesday Afternoon Mountain Rides - Weekly rides to different MTB parks, weather permitting. Details to come on this page.

Greenstreet Gravel Goons - Select Saturday Mornings - This ride will show you routes that will have you winding, climbing and grunting through the back roads of Iowa and Nebraska. This will be the perfect ride to help you train for gravel endurance events such as Dirty Kanza, Gravel Worlds or the Omaha Jackrabbit. Details will be posted in advance on this blog.

Sunday Adventure Brunch / Lunch - Each Sunday we will lead out to a new destination town. Examples range from downtown Papillion, Nebraska to Woodbine, Iowa. Distances will generally start out smaller and increase as the season progresses, with one or two stretch rides each month. Shorter rides will feature brunch in Downtown Omaha upon our return while mid distance rides will have a brunch stop in our turn-around town. We won't get to our stop town until lunch on some of our longer rides, so plan on an all-day adventure for some of our longer ( 60-75 mile + ) distances. Details posted in advance on this page.

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