Building up aerobic capacity

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Smiling because they're CRUSHING intervals and improving their aerobic capacity!

I figured it'd be important, and hopefully interesting to some, to talk about what a cyclist or triathlete needs in their wheelhouse (get it?!) to become better at their sport. There's a reason coaches and professionally-crafted training plans throw around words and phrases like functional threshold power, VO2max and lactate threshold, to name a few. 

That's because there are some pretty specific components in the strong-cyclist formula. One of them is aerobic capacity!

Aerobic capacity, also called VO2max, comes down to how much oxygen an athlete can take in to use for energy at maximum aerobic effort. More oxygen = more energy. More energy = more power. More power = more speed. (This is an extremely boiled down, non-scientific explanation so that I don't end up typing 230 pages and have to cross-reference dozens of people who are much smarter than me, because after a certain point, this stuff for sure goes over my head.)

We're talking about heart and lungs here, folks. 

Doing higher-intensity intervals (VO2max is typically 120% of your FTP), is one way to work on improving aerobic capacity. These intervals force you to work hard and get your heart rate up without pushing you to your absolute limit like anaerobic intervals might (think sprints and steep climbs).

So here's what we did in class Saturday morning, adapted from a TrainerRoad workout: 3 sets of 5x 1 minute at 120-125% FTP, 2 minutes recovery. We focused on staying at a high cadence.

FUN! Ben worded aerobic workouts like this perfectly: In the first set, the last 5 seconds of each interval might hurt. In the second set, the last 15 seconds hurt. And in the third set, maybe you're working through a full 30 seconds of ouch. Gotta love that compounding effect of aerobic capacity work!!

I'm doing a really great job of convincing you to come to class, right??

Point is, we're being deliberate about our workouts so that they will help you become a stronger rider! Come spin with us!

Mondays and Thursdays at 6pm, Wednesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 8 am. Sign up here:

See you soon!


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KICKR away those winter blues!

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This cold, snowy weather is the pits. At least, for warm-weather lovers like me it is. Right about now is when I start dreaming of sunshine and running outside in shorts... *sigh*

Icy paths and roads make riding and running outside difficult and often dangerous. But if you've got big goals for this spring and summer, you better be putting in the training hours during the winter.

That's where Greenstreet Wahoo KICKR classes come in!

(Looking good, gentlemen!)

Our one-hour sessions offer a variety of challenging-but-fun workouts geared toward the cyclist or triathlete working through those base or build phases before the race season starts ramping up in a few months. 

Even if you're NOT a cyclist or triathlete-in-training, each trainer is set to the rider's level, so even if it's your first time in the saddle- you can do the workouts, too!

We invite you to hop on one of the best smart trainers on the market, the Wahoo KICKR Core, and power through anything from intense hill intervals to sustained aerobic segments and everything in between. I promise you'll get a quality sweat.

Sweat selfies are encouraged, but not required.

In case you missed the last blog post, Greenstreet is now offering KICKR sessions FOUR times per week: Mondays and Thursdays at 6 p.m., Wednesdays at 7 p.m. and Saturdays at 8 a.m. Sign up here!

By the way, have you met Dale? He's leading the Monday and Thursday classes, and he's a pretty cool guy!

 <-- This is Dale!

Dale is a triathlete and a cyclist who has been riding competitively since college. This year, he's taking a jab at the olympic distance for triathlon (1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run), and has lots of races on deck this spring and summer.

Fun (semi-gross) fact: Dale almost tore his ear off completely while riding without a helmet. YIKES. He now never rides without his trusty helmet. 

Come meet Dale and some other pretty cool folks at spin class! Don't forget to reserve your spot! I can pretty much guarantee you won't risk ripping off any body parts.


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KICKR classes are EXPANDING!

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The lights have been dimmed. The playlists have been set. And now, Greenstreet Cycle's Wahoo KICKR Core classes are growing!

We are excited to announce that in addition to our Wednesday evening and Saturday morning classes, you can now catch a killer spin sesh Monday and Thursday nights at 6 p.m. as well! Dale will be leading these newly-added sessions!

You know what makes me happier than spin classes?

MORE spin classes!

And with hour-long workouts that push your limits in a fun, inclusive environment, what more could you want? ALL levels are welcome to these classes- our Greenstreet crew and spin leaders will make sure the resistance on your smart KICKR Core trainer is set to your specific level.

Here's a sneak peek of Wednesday night's workout...

Can you say POWER INTERVALS? We'll be working for those watts!

Come join in on the fun! Sign up for classes here:

See you there!


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Kicking off KICKR classes

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We had a stellar turnout for our inaugural Greenstreet KICKR spin class (FULL room!) and another great group on Saturday.

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NEW for 2019: Greenstreet KICKR Studio

Posted on December 30, 2018 by Camila Rutford | 2 comments

Kickstart your 2019 winter training with indoor spin sessions inside Greenstreet Cycles' brand new, state-of-the-art Wahoo KICKR studio!

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Coming soon to Greenstreet Cycles!!

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Greenstreet Cycles is PSYCHED to announce that something special is coming in January! 

Indoor group rides are returning in a big way with a brand new space and brand new equipment.

Those looking to build cycling strength, shake off the winter blues, and get a great sweat in with your friends-- stay tuned!

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