Sunday Brunch Adventure Ride - Fort Calhoun

Posted on March 11, 2016 by Thad Immink | 0 comments

Sunday marks our second adventure ride and this time we are venturing up into Fort Calhoun which will be lead by Ben. We will be eating our brunch at the Rustic Inn. Total milage will be 34 miles with 1500 ft of elevation gain. Route in link below.

For those who didn't participate in the ride last week, this adventure ride will be a no drop ride at a casual speed.

We will be leaving the shop at 10 A.M. be a little early to make sure you don't miss the train. We are expected to be back by 1 P.M. with 2 P.M. being the absolute latest. 

Here's a shot of the crew from last week's brunch adventure.


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