Retül Sizing Appointment - The custom service every rider needs on a new (to you) bike.  Get the contact points in the ballpark and make sure product selection is correct for your body on the bike.

Often a new bike will need to be customized to better support the rider.  The Sizing appointment is the perfect opportunity to begin customizing your bike to feel better, so you can ride longer and go farther…and faster! The sizing appointment is generally booked the same day you bring your bike back in for the 30-day safety check.  You will have had an opportunity to ride your bike and feel if it’s not quite right.  Here is what you can expect during the sizing:
  1. Our Fitter will interview you about your riding goals and history, so we can better understand your lifestyle, injury history and what you want to do with your bike.  
  1. The fitter will measure your sit bones to begin customizing your bike.  Sitting on the correct width saddle will make your bike much more comfortable and protect you from injury.  
  1. The fitter will also measure your foot arch height.  Having the appropriate arch support in your cycling shoes will create more comfort, power and protect you from injury. Supporting the pelvis and the foot properly will take your cycling to the next level and protect you from the possibility of injury.  You will be more comfortable and have a much-improved pedal stroke.
  1. The fitter will check your saddle height to make sure you are as efficient as possible at this stage.
  1. The fitter will make sure the saddle fore/aft position is appropriate.  
  1. Finally, the fitter will make sure you can reach your levers and may adjust the handlebar height.  

Includes sizing follow-up. Every sizing is performed by a trained professional under the management of a Body Geometry Level II Fit Specialist, trained by Specialized Bicycle Components in Morgan Hill, California.

By appointment only. A six-step sizing will take between 45 minutes and one hour. This does not include the time required to purchase, special order or install new parts, components, accessories or apparel. Please plan accordingly.

We recommend that customers ride a new bicycle for at least two weeks prior to a professional sizing.

Learn more about Retül Annual Fit.  Ask Our Fitters: Seth Erickson, Matt Copeland or Ben Swan.

- All services purchased online must be redeemed within 90 days -


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