Retül Sizing Appointment - The custom service every rider needs on a new (to you) bike.  Get the contact points in the ballpark and make sure product selection is correct for your body on the bike.

Often a new bike will need to be customized to better support the rider.  The Sizing appointment, using Retül Match technology, is the perfect opportunity to begin customizing your bike to feel better, so you can ride longer and go farther…and faster! The sizing appointment is generally booked the same day you bring your bike back in for the 30-day safety check.  You will have had an opportunity to ride your bike and feel if it’s not quite right.  Here is what you can expect during the sizing:

  1. Our Greenstreet sizing professional will interview you about your riding goals and history, so we can better understand your lifestyle, injury history and what you want to do with your bike.  
  1. Your sizing professional will take bone segment measurements using the Zin tool and Retül Match technology to create your starting saddle height. This will help to protect your knees from injury as well as create more efficiency.
  1. Using the Digital Foot Device, the sizing professional will measure the length and volume of your foot to determine your perfect shoe size, and use pressure mapping technology to determine what arch support to add to your shoes.  This will maximize your comfort and power, while protecting your knees by supporting your arch.
  1. Using the Digital Sit Bone Device, the sizing professional will use pressure mapping technology to measure your sit bone width.  This is extremely important to make sure you stay injury-free and comfortable on your bike. The Digital Sit Bone Device (DSD) will make saddle recommendations based on your sit bone measurement, style of riding, how long you ride and how often.
  1. The sizing professional will make sure the saddle fore/aft position is appropriate.  
  1. Finally, the sizing professional will make sure you can reach your levers and may flip your stem, if applicable, to make sure you are comfortable and can safely reach your brakes and shifters

Includes sizing follow-up. Every sizing is performed by a trained professional under the management of a Body Geometry Level II Fit Specialist, trained by Specialized Bicycle Components in Morgan Hill, California.

By appointment only. A six-step sizing will take between 45 minutes and 1 hour. This does not include the time required to purchase, special order or install new parts, components, accessories or apparel. Please plan accordingly.

We recommend that customers ride a new bicycle for at least two weeks prior to a professional sizing.

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