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P5X. Personal. Best.

There’s more to the ultimate triathlon bike than blowing benchmarks away. For the first time in Cervélo’s history — for the first time in history, period — the unique needs of every triathlete, whether training, racing or travelling, are truly front and centre. From aerodynamically integrated storage and stress-free packing to unprecedented micro- and macro-adjustability, the P5X focuses on a singular goal: Helping triathletes achieve their personal best.



Starting with a blank slate, our goal was to address the personal needs of a triathlete. Our years of extensive research showed a systems-engineering approach was needed to improve the whole triathlete experience, not only on race day, but also in training and travel. The P5X has been created to over deliver on this promise. With unconstrained design and an exceptional eye to detail, the P5X is built to inspire your Personal. Best.


The P5X is built with purpose. We used advanced topology technology to optimize structural material distribution. We then designed a frame shape that considers each element of your experience and refined it with countless hours of CFD analysis and wind-tunnel validations. From aerodynamically integrated storage options to easily and widely adjustable setting possibilities, the P5X’s stealthy, fast and unapologetic design delivers a complete system that harmoniously addresses your speed, fit and usage needs.

Real World Testing

We combined extensive wind-tunnel analysis and real-life triathlete testing to validate our data with real-world gains. We sought out 11 of our top pros to ride different prototypes throughout the development process. They shared their insights with unwavering passion, and along with the comments from our in-house age groupers we meticulously incorporated all of the feedback in order to deliver a bike that will drive everyone to achieve their Personal. Best.


The P5X boasts unprecedented micro and macro adjustability, allowing every athlete’s morphology to find their perfect fit. With quick and simple adjustments, P5X riders can fine-tune their setup to sustain their aero position for the entire duration of the event. The P5X features a wide front-end fit range through a unique 112mm sliding stack adjustment with 91mm reach adjustment, a flippable base bar and 0 to 12 degree tilt adjustment. With an ultra-low standover height, sizing of the P5X is streamlined to only 4 unique frame options:S, M, L, XL.

Storage and Hydration

The modular, easy-to-access storage system of the P5X has been engineered to fulfill the needs of every triathlete. Whether training or racing, everything you need to support yourself, including nutrition, flat kit, cold weather gear, and anything else you can think of, can be securely stowed in the P5X’s exclusive Smartpak, Stealthbox and Speedcase components. With the added convenience of using three round bottles placed where you want them, your performance will never be compromised.

Ease of Set Up and Travel

From your initial build to travel and race day, the P5X was designed with ease in mind. The P5X can be disassembled with just a few bolts, using minimal tools. The two-piece foldable bar with proprietary padded holster ensures safe and quick packing. We co-developed a customized Cervélo travel case to make traveling with the P5X worry-free.


For over 20 years, Cervélo’s mission has been to make every rider faster. Aerodynamic excellence has been integral to Cervélo’s DNA and the P5X is no exception. We pushed it even further with countless hours of CFD, and over 180 hours in the wind tunnel to not just test the bike, but to test our overall modular storage system. With no stone left unturned, we have ensured that you can individually tailor your P5X to have the ride of your life, with no drag penalty.


For any triathlete, confidence and performance are synonymous. Precise, responsive and in-control, the P5X’s front end feels connected to the road. Improved stiffness combined with balanced weight distribution ensures exceptional stability.

Our Engineers approached this project with fierce dedication, passion and new methodology, focused on triathlon only. Optimized from intensive research, design and testing, the P5X was developed to match the unique needs of triathletes to deliver the fastest, most confident ride of your life.

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