Electric Bicycles - In Stock

Imagine a vehicle that is simple and fun like a bicycle, but doesn't make you sweat just looking at it. Imagine a vehicle that will get you across town quicker than a car, but uses less energy on a 150 mile ride than a 5 minute hot shower. Imagine a vehicle that is on a human scale: lightweight, agile, and convenient. You've been dreaming of an electric bicycle. - The New Wheel, San Francisco

Whether you're riding trail, speeding up your commute, or just having the time of your life out on the road, our Turbo electric bikes give you the power to go farther and faster then ever before.

On the road, these e-bikes are capable of achieving 45 Km/h while you pedal, and on the dirt, they give you the power to ride more trails.

Think of it like superhuman strength, only it's more like a superhuman is helping you as you pedal.