Repairs & Maintenance

Our Service & Repair Guidelines

Bikes can be complicated, but getting the right level of service doesn't have to be. We are specifically trained to help evaluate your bike service needs so that no matter what your familiarity might be with bikes, you'll get exactly the right help. Our friendly staff will do our best to find the solution for your cycling needs.

All Services Include quality & safety check by a second technician. Custom services not specifically listed are billed at $60/hr and quoted at the time of service check-in. We include a 20% buffer in all work orders to cover additional parts and labor that may be needed to complete your work order. While rarely used, this buffer ensures your work order cost will not exceed the estimate you receive when you check your bike in. Parts are not included in these services, with the exception of the five star tune.

The Greenstreet Guarantee

Your bicycle will be guaranteed to properly and safely function for one year of riding from the date your service was completed if we perform all recommended work and replace worn parts. Intentional or accidental physical damage is not covered under this guarantee.