BMC Roadmachine 02 THREE


Take Patrick Seabase at face value and all you’ll see are tattoos, a fixed gear and some skids.

Almost the counterculture to performance-focused riding, Patrick is much more than just vanity. He sits at the junction of aesthetics and minimalism, but has an underlying performance with everything he does.
“Fixed gear riding is what I’m known for,” he explains. “The purity is what draws me to it. It’s the most simplistic version of riding that gives you another connection to where you ride. But it’s also extremely demanding on my body.

That’s where the Roadmachine comes in for me.” Patrick signals to turn left, exiting the city on a big loop towards Interlaken: “It adds another level to my riding.” The juxtapositions of Patrick run deep. He likes to stay fit, but not compete. To ride fast, but not to win. Record his power data, but not overtly perform. Partly on his Roadmachine, partly on the Trackmachine. From his home in the Swiss capital, he tries to sum up what draws him to cycling: “New roads,” he throws out. “New climbs, experiences, cultures.” We’d call him the collector of the most beautiful and most unknown mountain passes.


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