HED Jet Disc


Our customers are demanding (yes, that means you).  Not only do they want incredibly fast and dependable wheels, but they also want them at a price that won’t cause bankruptcy or divorce.  Can you have your cake and eat it, too?  With the Jet Disc, the answer is an unequivocal, “Yes!”

The Jet Disc uses our 23mm wide C2 rim.  To that, we add our made-in-Minnesota carbon skins, resulting in an incredibly aerodynamic, fast, and compliant ride – unlike any other disc wheel.  Why choose the standard Jet Disc over the wider Jet Plus Disc?  Quite simply, not all bikes have enough frame clearance for the 25mm Plus rim.  We continue to offer this 23mm rim section specifically for those cases.

This wheel is available in either a standard build with 24 rear spokes, or a Stallion build 28 rear spokes.  The Stallion build is stiffer, and ideal for strong riders or those around 200 lbs and above.  


Tech Notes:

1. With 23mm tires, MAX tire pressure is 100psi with inner tubes.  NOT TUBELESS COMPATIBLE.

2. We do NOT recommend hanging a bike equipped with Jet wheels from hooks - this can damage the carbon skin and will not be covered under warranty.

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