How to buy a Specialized bike online and have it shipped to Greenstreet

When the Specialized bike you really want isn't available at Greenstreet Cycles, you can purchase the bike through and have it shipped to our shop!


Sometimes the bike you're looking for isn't available in our store or on the Greenstreet website. When the Specialized bike you want says, "Unavailable", for the model, color, or size you need, you can look that same bike up on the Specialized website:



Search for the bike you want on and once you have selected your preferred Color and Size, click, "Add To Cart."



You'll see your shopping cart pop up. If you're ready to check out, click on, "View My Cart".



If everything looks good, click on, "Checkout".



You get to choose your Delivery Method. When you select, "Pick up In-Store," your bike will be shipped to the store you choose after entering your zip code. When you click the box next to Greenstreet Cycles, your bike will be shipped to our shop where it will be built and Quality Checked by trained Greenstreet Staff.  If your bike has front or rear suspension, or if it has the option to be set up tubeless, we will contact you to get your preferences and measurements, so your bike is ready to roll when you walk it out the door!



Once you have Greenstreet Cycles selected you'll click on, "Next", and go through the Delivery Options.



The last thing you'll need to do is fill out your Pickup Contact Information!



Once you've ordered your new bike you'll receive a notification from Specialized confirming your order. You'll receive another email notification when your bike has been received into the shop and then a final email notification once your bike has been built and Quality Checked and is ready for pickup!

Please feel free to call the shop with any questions! The Greenstreet Crew is happy to help you find your bike any way we can!