When the Weather Outside is Frightful!

Indoor Cycling with Trainers

Every rider has their own comfort level as to what temperature is too cold to be riding outdoors in the wintertime. When it gets too cold outside for you, you don’t have to stop riding. You can bring your cycling indoors by using a smart trainer from Wahoo Fitness.

Wahoo has a wide selection of smart trainers and accessories that can fit many different riders’ needs and budgets. Wahoo’s models are the Kickr Rollr, Kickr Snap, Kickr Core, Kickr and Kickr Bike. The prices start at about $399 for the Kickr Snap and go up from there based on each trainer's capabilities. The most advanced will be the Kickr Bike.

To maximize the performance of your new trainer it should be connected to one of the cycling computers that Wahoo offers: the Element Roam, the Bolt V2, or a third party app like Zwift. Your trainer can connect by Bluetooth to a computer or apps to simulate outdoor terrain. When using computers or an app the trainer will adjust the resistance automatically for you.

It can be easy to overheat while doing indoor training without proper ventilation. The next item you’ll need is a fan. Wahoo does offer a smart fan called the Headwind, but if you’re on a budget any type of fan will do!

Depending on where you’ll be setting up your trainer you may want a mat to go underneath your trainer setup to protect your floor. You will be working hard and you will be sweating. This is hard work but it’s also what makes it fun and so rewarding. You may also want a towel to protect the top of your bike from sweat. It will drip onto your frame and handlebars which need to be protected. Excessive amounts of sweat can corrode aluminum and rust steal parts like the bolts in our stems. You can droop a towel over the handlebars and frame while you train or make sure to give it a good wipe down when you finish a session. There are even some products out there, such as Muc Off Sweat Protect, that are specifically made to block sweat from getting onto your bike.

Just as you would for a ride outside, have water or another form of hydration on hand when using your trainer. 

For more details on anything Wahoo or indoor training please stop in so we can answer any questions you have and show you what it’s all about. We have a demo set up at each of our locations and will help you build your own Wahoo EcoSystem.