Winter Training KICKR Studio Classes - January through March 2020

Winter Training KICKR Studio

Greenstreet Cycles and KICKR Studio come together to bring you the most connected smart trainer group workout on the market! We use the Wahoo Kickr trainers and software that allows each person to achieve personalized effort levels in a fun group setting. The software is capable of connecting your own wireless devices like your cadence and HR monitors! The data from your complete workout will be available post-training for immediate feedback and motivation. Cycling is not all about power; the classes will still focus on technique, pacing, nutrition, confidence, mental skills, and fun as well! So, if you are interested in preparing to become a better cyclist (and this doesn't just mean big power), then these classes are for you!

These classes have no ability criteria; the Kickr trainer allows consistent training at individualized thresholds. Each session is structured and advance from week to week. The Tuesday sessions focus will last 1 hour on Tuesdays and ranging from 90 to 120 minutes on Saturdays. Whether you are a beginner or Kona qualifier, we will provide individual power-training ranges for each athlete.

While there are no egos in this group, the training sessions are hard. It is not a general unstructured fitness class and we don't make chic sets simply to pass the time. These classes follow a progression to get you ready for April by laying the groundwork in early season and progressing toward the racing season.

Each session is capped at a hard 7 cyclists. This keeps the class size down so each member can get personalized feedback from the coaches – Melanie Chapman and Dale Ruis – and Greenstreet staff.  Classes are led by coaches who love riding bikes and are here to help you achieve your goals - no matter what they may be.

The 13-week program is developed to ensure your workouts are focused, your progress is quantifiable, and your training is effective. Cyclists are encouraged to attend both Tuesday and Saturday to ensure maximum benefit. We will include a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test on weeks 1, 6 and the final class. You can also store your bike on site. The total package (13 weeks, 2 sessions per week, including bike storage and set-up) is $250. If you can only join us once a week, either Tuesday or Saturday, the cost is $150.  You can drop-in on any class, provided there are available trainers, at a cost of $15 per class. 


$250 - Tuesdays and Saturdays (26 sessions)

$150 – Tuesday or Saturday only (13 sessions)

$15 – Drop in (based on availability)

Free – Set-up and bike storage 

Tuesdays  @ 6:00 PM, 1 hour session 

Saturdays @ 11:00 AM, ranging from 90 minute to 120 minute sessions. A group of riders will also run after the spin to make it a brick session.


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