Retül: Anatomical Saddle Height + Retul

An appropriate saddle height is one of the fundamental building blocks to a properly sized bicycle. Knowing your appropriate saddle height and setting your bike up accordingly will increase comfort, power and efficiency. It will improve your pedal stroke and reduce strain on your kneecaps.

Trained professionals at Greenstreet use anatomical expertise and Retul 3D motion capture technology to determine your appropriate saddle height. This length is measured from the center of the bottom bracket, through the seat-post clamp to the top surface of the saddle. We use the following three marker points to help determine your anatomically correct saddle height:

  • Hip // Greater Trochanter: Lateral point on the femur outside of the pelvis. This is the hip marker.
  • Knee // Lateral Condyle: Also known as the femoral condyle or lateral femoral condyle, this marker is located at the outer, bottom part of the femur. This is the knee marker.
  • Ankle // Lateral Malleolus: This marker is located at the bottom of the fibula, a free floating bone in the lower leg. This is the ankle marker.

This is a number that you can take with you, wherever you go, on any bike. We share this information with you and store it in your customer profile.This service is free with any test ride, sizing or bike purchase.

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