Batavus Champion

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Batavus is more widely known for their work in the world of mopeds and motorcycles through the 1960's to the 90's. Turns out they also dabbled in making quality bicycles! This vintage steel road bike made in Holland the 1970s comes with original Sachs 6 speed shifting. This bike features a newer vintage style Brooks Swift saddle made in England, Brooks saddles is regarded as on of the best makers of seats in the world. The tires are band new Panaracers with tan, era appropriate 32 wide tires to keep you firmyl gripped to the road. The Batavus Champion is perfect for leisure rides or even a commute bike as its equipped with fenders for protection from the elements and a rear rack to carry extra cargo. The bike also comes with a still working vintage wheel lock to keep anyone from taking your back wheel once its locked up!


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