Cervelo P5 Di2 8060

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Industry-Leading Aero

We took some risks with the focused design of the P4, and when we started to engineer the P5 the obvious focus was on real-world aerodynamic improvements, as well as making the bike easy to live with. The resulting "superbike" improved aerodynamics over a wide range of yaw angles, featured co-developed hydraulic caliper brakes, and an aerobar with vastly improved functionality, and provided riders with options to accommodate storage and hydration for longer tri or TT events. It was our first step forward in looking at the bike as a system, and not as a frame with interfacing parts.

Named the fastest TT/tri bike in the world by Germany’s Tour Magazine, the P5 optimizes all areas of the frame for aero performance. At its launch, the P5 was proven to save roughly 6 to 11 Watts compared to other “superbikes.” The savings are even greater compared to typical tri bikes. The P5’s frame design takes into account the rider, the components, and their downstream effects, meaning there are significant differences in airflow in different areas of the bike. Designing a bike with different tube shapes in different zones is part of our systems approach to aero optimization.


Known for its speed, the P5’s superiority is also demonstrated in its simplicity. The low-maintenance hydraulic brake system from Magura is aerodynamically superior and lighter than mechanical brakes, yet it stops on a dime. Designed for speed and versatility, this bike features a variety of intuitive storage solutions combining optimal aero locations with ease of access. The integrated aerobar allows for equal aero advantage at highest and lowest settings, allowing you to focus on your best possible fit with no compromises.


Whether you're pushing through the wind at Kona, facing down the clock in a TT, or charging through a solo training ride, every pedal stroke is translated to pure power. Stiffness is achieved through BBright and our Evolved Steerer Design, giving you confidence and responsiveness coupled with peak power transfer.

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