Cervélo R2 Ultegra


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The R Series is engineered to optimize strength, stiffness and comfort while offering low weight in every situation. An R Series bicycle offers the best of our Project California-developed lightweight Squoval 3 tube shapes, which have been engineered to offer premium ride quality with ultra-thin seat stays developed to increase vertical compliance and vibration absorption.


The R Series showcases Cervélo’s Squoval tube shapes, Evolved Steerer Design, Carbon Dropouts, and BBright™ Core Design Features — all designed to reduce excess weight and improve comfort. These features also enhance stiffness where it matters for simultaneous performance in both handling and power transmission.


While your R Series bike was obviously built to be light, you won’t feel the need to treat it gently. Thanks to Squoval™ tube shapes and BBright™ technology, the R Series withstands the all-out sprints and hardest attacks with minimum flex. That means no flinching over potholes and gravel roads, the launch power to chase down a break or pull away in a sprint, the stability for effortless straight-line handling and precise speed through the tightest corners.


The newest generation of our Squoval tube shapes add an aerodynamic benefits to our lightweight R Series. Developed at our Project California R&D facility, redesigned leading edges and corner radii combine with reoriented seatstay ellipses to reduce drag by 7 Watts.

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