Niner RLT 9 RDO 3-Star Build


Take the Road Less Travelled.

Redefining what gravel can be.

The RLT 9 RDO is redefining what gravel can be. Seriously. Who doesn’t like a diversion? Something different. A different perspective. A change of pace. We designed the RLT 9 RDO to encourage diversion.


RLT 9 RDO - Style for miles

You want to not just go the distance but do go there fast? The RLT 9 RDO is a gravel bike made to make those often bumpy miles sail bike. Do you want to explore? This bike encourages it. How about undertaking long and adventurous rides? Please do. Need a change of pace, a break from the routine? Go ahead. Give it a chance. If you can think it on two wheels, the RLT, a multi-tool of a bike, might just be the bike for you. From dirt trails to gravel to asphalt, this bike takes it all in stride and you along with it.


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