Body Geometry Sizing

Greenstreet Cycles

Our trained experts will get to know your goals, assess key physical considerations, take a look at your riding position and adjust your bike for optimal performance. This process will include:

  • Forefoot Angle and Unweighted Arch assessment with recommendations for appropriate rider support.
  • Retul Saddle Height - using the Greater Trochanter, Lateral Condyle and Lateral Malleolus as anatomical marker points.
  • Saddle Width based on ischial tuberosity (sit bone) width and assessment of saddle padding and curvature to match rider comfort and desired ride experience.
  • Saddle Fore & Aft based upon measurements of the patela (knee) relative to the pedal spindle to reduce unnecessary pressure/discomfort and increase power.
  • Handlebar Reach & Drop adjustments for proper cockpit location to support a neutral, natural back, spine, and shoulder position for comfort, endurance and power.
  • Grip / Hood and Handlebar position to support a natural "handshake" relationship between the rider and the bike to distribute pressure and combat numbness, tingling and pain in the hands.
  • Handlebar Width to match the rider's shoulders and wrists so that a comfortable, efficient riding position can be maintained, potentially improving shoulder comfort, handling and breathing.

Includes sizing follow-up. Every sizing is performed by a trained professional under the management of a Body Geometry Level II Fit Specialist, trained by Specialized Bicycle Components in Morgan Hill, California.

By appointment only. A six-step sizing will take between 45 minutes and one hour. This does not include the time required to purchase, special order or install new parts, components, accessories or apparel. Please plan accordingly.

We recommend that customers ride a new bicycle for at least two weeks prior to a professional sizing.

* Greenstreet Cycles offers a $100 fit or sizing credit with every new bicycle purchase. *

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