USAT Race Wheels - HED Jet 6 Plus

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*This Item shown for informational purposes only. For booking of race wheels with bike rental please purchase a USAT Rental and notify a Greenstreet Staff Member which wheelset. All rental wheels be equipped with your existing tubes, tires and cassette. If you need new parts you will receive 25% off and free installation.*

If you had to pick one series of Hed products that are the fastest, most versatile, and best bang-for-your-buck, it is our beloved Jet Plus line.  The Plus rim technology is the next evolution of our groundbreaking C2 rim, and features a 25mm-wide profile.  This offers a host of benefits, including better aerodynamics, handling, and stiffness, along with increased tire volume for improved ride quality and rolling speed.  Riders everywhere are choosing fatter tires, and our Plus rims are the perfect match.

The Jet 6 Plus is ideal for almost any style of riding – road race, criterium, triathlon, Gran Fondo, or whatever you can throw at it.  The 60mm deep rim and Stability Control Technology result in stable handling, and a big dose of True Speed.  The Jet 6 Plus can be used as a front/rear matched pair, or in combination with other rims – such as a front Jet 4 or rear Jet 9.


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