Meet ELEMNT MINI – the super compact sensor based bike computer that makes it simple to see and share ride data. Pair with the powerful ELEMNT companion app to unlock enhanced features, such as ride tracking.

RIDE WITH SPEED - ELEMNT MINI comes with a Wahoo RPM Speed sensor so you are ready to ride and record speed/distance/time without needing to be connected to a phone right out of the box. Want even more data? Pair with Wahoo Heart Rate and Cadence Sensors with no phone required! 

Unlock Ride Tracking -  Ride with ELEMNT MINI paired to the ELEMNT Companion App on your smartphone to unlock full Ride Tracking using your smartphone's GPS. The ELEMNT Companion App will show your entire route map, elevation, and ride statistics after your ride.

Live Track Portal - Live Track allows you to send a custom link to people who you want to share your location with during a ride when you ride with ELEMNT MINI paired to the ELEMNT companion app. From the time you start a workout, to the time you stop, Live Track will update the web-based portal in real-time to keep others informed of your location, progress, and ride metrics. With Live Track, you can be safely located by loved ones, tracked by a coach, or even meeting fellow riders in-route. 
SIMPLE TO SEE - ELEMNT MINI features a high-contrast, grayscale display to make it easy to view your data at a glance. 
Tactile Smart Buttons - ELEMNT MINI is tiny but we've given plenty of real estate for two tactile and easy-to-press buttons that allow you to quickly toggle between screens.


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